How to order

1. Choose your design:
We have many design samples in our gallery. All can be made in your sizing and modified to your preference (for example, change in color, sleeves style, collar style, adding or cutting out bows decoration). Once you have design in mind, simply screenshot it for your order.
**We no longer offer a custom piece from original drawing**

2. Choose your color and print:
Our available color sheet and prints are in our gallery. Multiple prints for one custom piece is possible, but might require some additional fee. Once you have a print in mind, simply screenshot it for your order.
**Please note that there would be color difference due to lighting and technical issue from the print factory. We have limited shade of sheet and do not offer colors outside our color chart. We do not offer refund due to color not meeting your shade expectation**

3. Prepare your measurements:
For price estimation, bust, waist measurement and length in inches would be required. See How to measure  for help and some additional measurements we might ask for certain designs.

our admin on Instagram: @chamberofpastel for price estimation (range105-155 USD) and PayPal invoice set up. We offer a choice of 50% deposit or full purchase for your order confirmation.